Sunday, February 12, 2017

Transfer 17 Week 7 (final)

Welp, my mission has come and gone. It's pretty crazy to be sitting here writing this last weekly email.. 

This week we were able to visit Jill and Joseph. Jill finished the Book of Mormon entirely this past week. We had planned to teach the Law of Chastity this week however the whole visit we couldn't stop talking about how much she loved the Book of Mormon. We also talked about Joseph Smith and what it means that Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon are true. She expressed sincere desires to be Baptized. I've personally seen so much progression in them both, just in this little time I've had the pleasure of meeting with them. Elder Jensen and his new companion are going to do great things to help them progress and come closer to Jesus Christ. Much of the rest of the week was spent meeting with Sherry and various other investigators. It was a great last week. 

I've been asked, and it seems as tradition to bear some testimony in this last email so here it goes. 

I know that Jesus Christ lives and is at the head of his Restored Church. I've been blessed to be able to come to know of that truth for myself since I've been on my mission. I've been blessed to be able to have such great companions, that I was able to look up to, to learn from and to be able to strive to be more like. 

I was honestly scared to come on a mission. I had heard numerous times that the mission changes you and that you'll come back a different person. At first, I didn't like this notion. I liked who I was and wanted to continue being me. So during the beginning of my mission, I fought any change because I didn't want to be 'like the rest of them'. It took longer than I would have liked to realize that the Mission (the Gospel) wasn't trying to change me, who I was, it was simply designed to improve me and add to who I was as a person. It may change your desires and your perspective on life, which happens as you strive to become more Christ like but I'm Happy to say that I'm going home a Much better person than I was coming out. I'm still McKay Stevens, your typical Punk rock kid. However, because of the Grace of Jesus Christ, I have been able to improve personally.  I'm much happier, I'm friendlier, I'm more charitable, I actually enjoy service, I actually have a strong testimony in the Restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ through the Prophet Joseph Smith. I've learned how to be Truly happy in life, not just hang on to things that make you happy in the moment but leave you empty. I'm still growing and striving to become better, as I will be for eternity. I'm so grateful for these 2 years I've had away from the World, so that I could focus on Christ and help others come to know him. I wish I could have accomplished more on my mission, but I'll forever be grateful for My experience here in the Milwaukee Wisconsin Mission. I'll be able to look back with peace in my heart, knowing that I strived to change lives as my own was being shaped. After all, the biggest convert on your mission is yourself. 

Thanks to all who emailed me, wrote me, or showed any type of support at all. It honestly meant the world to me. You'll be able to contact me at from now on. 

Until we meet again. 

Elder Stevens. 

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